Process Stages

  • Send your requirement / Photo and get a proposal and quote.
  • Confirm order and pay 20% commitment fee.
  • View completed portrait, pay full amount and receive / take delivery of portrait
  • If not happy with portrait it can be rejected at this stage for full refund with
    justifiable reason.


You can gift a portrait to those you really hold in high esteem and would like them to know this fact.
Portraits are an ideal way to convey your deep respect, love or appreciation and probably a sure way of touching the receivers’ heart.
You would be able to see the portrait before it is dispatched to ensure that it meets your expectations.
The portrait would be gift packed suitably and photos of the same will be sent to you, so that you know exactly what is going to be delivered, including the gift wrap.
  The box would be delivered by Blue Dart / DHL / Fedex etc. Courier charges as applicable would apply.